Senaste publikationer från humaniora och samhällsvetenskap

  • Erixson, Oscar; Ohlsson, Henry

    Estate division: equal sharing, exchange motives, and Cinderella effects

    Ingår i Journal of Population Economics, s. 1437-1480, 2019.

    Open access
  • Griffin, Gabriele; Saeed, Muhammad

    Researching a Sensitive Topic in an Unstable Environment: Fieldwork Dilemmas in the Khyber-Pakhtunkhwa Provice of Pakistan

    Ingår i Qualitative Research Journal, s. 1 1-11 11, 2019.

  • Sundberg, Molly

    Donors Dealing with 'Aid Effectiveness' Inconsistencies: National Staff in Foreign Aid Agencies in Tanzania

    Ingår i Journal of Eastern African Studies, s. 445-464, 2019.

  • Sundberg, Molly

    Donors dealing with ‘aid effectiveness’ inconsistencies: national staff in foreign aid agencies in Tanzania

    Ingår i Journal of Eastern African Studies, s. 445-464, 2019.

  • Pettersson, Johanna

    Gränser blir både hårdare och mer vidsträckta

    Ingår i Respons : recensionstidskrift för humaniora & samhällsvetenskap, 2019.

  • Jansson, Johan

    The online forum as a digital space of curation

    Ingår i Geoforum, s. 115-124, 2019.


    The autonomy of struggles and the self-management of squats: legacies of intertwined movements

    Ingår i Interface. A journal for and about social movements, s. 178 178-199 199, 2019.

    Open access
  • Eklund, Matti

    Reply to Bykvist and Olson

    Ingår i Utilitas, s. 347-349, 2019.

  • Hoffman, Angela

    The Scholarly Reach of Nils Hasselmo

    Ingår i The Swedish-American Historical Quarterly, s. 82 82-95 95, 2019.


    Apocalypse now? Lectures géopolitiques d'inspiration pentecôtiste

    Ingår i Carnets de terrain, 2019.

    Open access
  • Malm Lindberg, Ingrid

    The Thought Experimenting Qualities of Kierkegaard's Fear and Trembling

    Ingår i Religions, 2019.

    Open access
  • Strand, Cecilia

    Navigating precarious visibility: Ugandan sexual minorities on twitter

    Ingår i Journal of African Media Studies, s. 229-256, 2019.

  • Bengtsson, Niklas

    Are Religions for Sale?: Evidence from the Swedish Church Revolt Over Same-Sex Marriage

    Ingår i Journal for the Scientific Study of Religion, s. 336-359, 2019.

  • Eriksson Lindvall, Carin

    Why Do I Need Leadership Training?

    Ingår i Personal in Hochschule und Wissenschaft entwickeln, s. 71 71-81 81, 2019.

    Open access
  • Persson, Inger; Arnroth, Lukas; Thulin, Måns

    Multivariate two-sample permutation tests for trials with multiple time-to-event outcomes

    Ingår i Pharmaceutical statistics, s. 476-485, 2019.

  • Robinson, Darrel

    Education, Family Background, and Political Knowledge: A Test of the Compensation Hypothesis with Identical Twins

    Ingår i Political Studies, 2019.

  • Gustafsson, Christer

    Conservation 3.0 – Cultural Heritage as a Driver for Regional Growth

    Ingår i SCIRES-IT, s. 21-32, 2019.

    Open access
  • Phillimore, J. A.; Bradby, Hannah; Brand, T.

    Superdiversity, population health and health care: opportunities and challenges in a changing world

    Ingår i Public Health, s. 93-98, 2019.

  • Shanahan, Danielle F.; Astell-Burt, Thomas; Barber, Elizabeth A.; Brymer, Eric et al.

    Nature-Based Interventions for Improving Health and Wellbeing: The Purpose, the People and the Outcomes

    Ingår i SPORTS, 2019.

    Open access
  • Pettersson, Therese; Högbladh, Stina; Öberg, Magnus

    Organized violence, 1989-2018 and peace agreements

    Ingår i Journal of Peace Research, s. 589-603, 2019.

  • Middlemiss Lé Mon, Martha

    Exhausted Women, Exhausted Welfare and the Role of Religion

    Ingår i Social Inclusion, s. 1-3, 2019.

    Open access
  • Andersson, Kerstin B

    Digital Diasporas: An Overview of the Research Areas of Migrationand New Media Through a Narrative Literature Review

    Ingår i Human Technology, s. 142 142-180 180, 2019.

    Open access
  • Bastani, Spencer; Blomquist, Sören; Micheletto, Luca

    Nonlinear and piecewise linear income taxation, and the subsidization of work-related goods

    Ingår i International Tax and Public Finance, s. 806-834, 2019.

    Open access
  • Robinson, Darrel; Tannenberg, Marcus

    Self-censorship of regime support in authoritarian states: Evidence from list experiments in China

    Ingår i Res Rhetorica, 2019.

    Open access
  • Lymeus, Freddie; Lindberg, Per; Hartig, Terry

    A natural meditation setting improves compliance with mindfulness training

    Ingår i Journal of Environmental Psychology, s. 98-106, 2019.

  • Frick, Matilda A.; Brocki, Karin C.

    A multi-factorial perspective on ADHD and ODD in school-aged children: What is the role of cognitive regulation, temperament, and parental support?

    Ingår i Journal of Clinical and Experimental Neuropsychology, s. 1-13, 2019.

  • Ahlberg, Beth Maina; Hamed, Sarah; Thapar-Björkert, Suruchi; Bradby, Hannah et al.

    Invisibility of Racism in the Global Neoliberal Era: Implications for Researching Racism in Healthcare

    Ingår i Frontiers in Sociology, 2019.

    Open access
  • MacBride, Fraser; Marion, Mathieu; Frápolli, María José; Edgington, Dorothy et al.

    Frank Ramsey

    Ingår i Stanford Encyclopedia of Philosophy, 2019.

  • Myhr, Peter; Hursti, Timo; Emanuelsson, Katarina; Löfgren, Elina et al.

    Can the Attention Training Technique Reduce Stress in Students?: A Controlled Study of Stress Appraisals and Meta-Worry

    Ingår i Frontiers in Psychology, 2019.

    Open access
  • Wessberg, Magnus; Vyhlidal, Tomas; Broström, Tor

    A model-based method to control temperature and humidity in intermittently heated massive historic buildings

    Ingår i Building and Environment, 2019.

  • Wickström, Johan

    Om känslor och verklig strävan

    Ingår i Clarté: partipolitiskt obunden socialistisk tidskrift, 2019.

  • Strandberg-de Bruijn, Paulien; Donarelli, Anna; Balksten, Kristin

    Full-scale Studies of Improving Energy Performance by Renovating Historic Swedish Timber Buildings with Hemp-lime

    Ingår i Applied Sciences, 2019.

    Open access
  • Kourtit, Karima; Nijkamp, Peter; Romao, Joao

    Cultural Heritage Appraisal by Visitors to Global Cities: The Use of Social Media and Urban Analytics in Urban Buzz Research

    Ingår i Sustainability, 2019.

    Open access
  • Bengtsson, Stefan L.

    Engaging with the Beyond-Diffracting Conceptions of T-Learning

    Ingår i Sustainability, 2019.

    Open access
  • Borisova, Liubov

    Objective and Subjective Determinants of Self-Rated Health in Central and Eastern Europe: A Multilevel Approach

    Ingår i Central European Journal of Public Health, s. 145-152, 2019.

  • Kourtit, Karima

    Cultural heritage, smart cities and digital data analytics

    Ingår i Eastern Journal of European Studies, s. 151-159, 2019.

  • Orellana, Cecilia; Kreshpaj, Bertina; Johansson, Gun; Burström, Bo et al.

    Precarious employment, business performance and occupational injuries: a study protocol of a register-based Swedish project

    Ingår i BMJ Open, 2019.

    Open access
  • Toonen, W. H. J.; Graham, Angus; Masson-Berghoff, A.; Peeters, J. et al.

    Amenhotep III's Mansion of Millions of Years in Thebes (Luxor, Egypt): Submergence of high grounds by river floods and Nile sediments

    Ingår i Journal of Archaeological Science, s. 195-205, 2019.

  • Wadell, Olof; Bengtson, Anna; Åberg, Susanne

    From dusk till dawn: Attracting suppliers for resource mobilization during bankruptcy

    Ingår i Journal of Purchasing and Supply Management, 2019.

  • Albin, Cecilia

    Negotiating Complex Conflicts

    Ingår i Global Policy, s. 55-60, 2019.

  • Lindgren, Josefin

    Comprehension and production of narrative macrostructure in Swedish: A longitudinal study from age 4 to 7

    Ingår i First language, s. 412-432, 2019.

  • Martinez, Miguel

    Amanda Huron 2018: Carving out the Commons: Tenant Organizing and Housing Cooperatives in Washington, DC. Minneapolis: University of Minnesota Press

    Ingår i International Journal of Urban and Regional Research, s. 812-814, 2019.

  • Kalyan, Siva; Francois, Alexandre; Hammarström, Harald

    Problems With, And Alternatives To, The Tree Model In Historical Linguistics

    Ingår i Journal of Historical Linguistics, s. 1-8, 2019.

  • Han, Laura K. M.; Verhoeven, Josine E.; Tyrka, Audrey R.; Penninx, Brenda W. J. H. et al.

    Accelerating research on biological aging and mental health: Current challenges and future directions

    Ingår i Psychoneuroendocrinology, s. 293-311, 2019.

  • Johansson, Karin; Hultman, Lisa

    UN Peacekeeping and Protection from Sexual Violence

    Ingår i Journal of Conflict Resolution, s. 1656-1681, 2019.

  • Dawkins, Elena; Andre, Karin; Axelsson, Katarina; Benoist, Lise et al.

    Advancing sustainable consumption at the local government level: A literature review

    Ingår i Journal of Cleaner Production, s. 1450-1462, 2019.

    Open access
  • Pihl, Christopher

    Dackling, Martin 20018. Istället för äktenskap. Att driva jordbruk tillsammans med syskon i 1900-talets Sverige

    Ingår i Bebyggelsehistorisk tidskrift, s. 121-122-, 2019.

  • Pihl, Christopher

    ‘Learning to bring dead capital to life’: The Riksens Ständers Bank and the credit market in seventeenth-century Sweden

    Ingår i Continuity and Change, s. 209-230, 2019.

  • Koch, Benjamin; Stapel, Janny

    The role of head and hand movements for infants' predictions of others' actions

    Ingår i Psychological Research, s. 1269-1280, 2019.

    Open access
  • Fjellestad, Danuta

    Networked uniqueness: The provocations of Being or Nothingness

    Ingår i Orbis Litterarum, s. 237-250, 2019.

  • Holdo, Markus

    Power Games: Elites, Movements, and Strategic Cooperation

    Ingår i Political Studies Review, 2019.

  • Dickson, Daniel J.; Laursen, Brett; Valdes, Olivia; Stattin, Håkan et al.

    Derisive Parenting Fosters Dysregulated Anger in Adolescent Children and Subsequent Difficulties with Peers

    Ingår i Journal of Youth and Adolescence, s. 1567-1579, 2019.

  • Kumar, Anil; Liang, Che-Yuan

    Credit constraints and GDP growth: Evidence from a natural experiment

    Ingår i Economics Letters, s. 190-194, 2019.

  • Domeij, Bengt

    Anders Fernlund -- Franschising - friktion mellan transnationella affärsmodeller och nationell särreglering (ak avh.)

    Ingår i Juridisk Tidskrift, s. 946-949, 2019.

  • Mideksa, Torben; Weitzman, Martin L.

    Prices versus Quantities across Jurisdictions

    Ingår i Journal of the Association of Environmental and Resource Economists, s. 883-891, 2019.

  • Rietjens, Sebastiaan; Ruffa, Chiara

    Understanding Coherence in UN Peacekeeping: A Conceptual Framework

    Ingår i International Peacekeeping, s. 383-407, 2019.

    Open access
  • Gustavsson, Gina

    Kulturdebatt: Såhär firar en liberal nationalist sjätte juni

    Ingår i Dagens Nyheter, 2019.

  • Raunio, Mika; Pugh, Rhiannon; Sheikh, Fayaz Ahmad; Egbetokun, Abiodun et al.

    Introduction: Importance of methodological diversity for innovation system studies


  • Dammann, Guy

    Whitsun Festival

    Ingår i TLS - The Times Literary Supplement, s. 18-19, 2019.

  • Nygren, Thomas; Brounéus, Fredrik; Svensson, Göran

    Diversity and credibility in young people’s news feeds: A foundation for teaching and learning citizenship in a digital era

    Ingår i Journal of Social Science Education, s. 87-109, 2019.

    Open access
  • Rider, Sharon

    Circulation of Knowledge: Explorations in the History of Knowledge

    Ingår i Historisk Tidskrift (S), s. 367-370, 2019.

  • Gräslund, Bo

    For kind dissertations?

    Ingår i Historisk Tidskrift (S), s. 325-327, 2019.

  • Davenport, Christian; Nygård, Håvard Mokleiv; Fjelde, Hanne; Armstrong, David et al.

    The Consequences of Contention: Understanding the Aftereffects of Political Conflict and Violence

    Ingår i Annual review of political science (Palo Alto, Calif. Print), s. 361-377, 2019.

  • Engström, Maria

    Recycling der Gegenkultur Die neue Ästhetik der „Zweiten Welt“

    Ingår i Osteuropa, s. 55-72, 2019.

  • Kleberg, Johan L.; Hanqvist, Cornelia; Serlachius, Eva; Högström, Jens et al.

    Pupil dilation to emotional expressions in adolescent social anxiety disorder is related to treatment outcome

    Ingår i Journal of Anxiety Disorders, s. 26-33, 2019.

    Open access
  • Bergman, Ann-Sofie; Järkestig Berggren, Ulrika; Melin Emilsson, Ulla

    Strategies of austerity used in needs assessments for personal assistance - Changing Swedish social policy for persons with disabilities

    Ingår i European Journal of Social Work, 2019.

    Open access
  • Blomquist, Sören; Simula, Laurent

    Marginal deadweight loss when the income tax is nonlinear

    Ingår i Journal of Econometrics, s. 47-60, 2019.

  • Ekström, Mats; Bruhn, Anders; Thunman, Elin

    A caring interview: Polar questions, epistemic stance and care in examinations of eligibility for social benefits

    Ingår i Discourse Studies, s. 375-397, 2019.

  • Gottwald, Janna; Gredebäck, Gustaf; Lindskog, Marcus

    Two-step actions in infancy—the TWAIN model

    Ingår i Experimental Brain Research, 2019.

  • Elfversson, Emma; Höglund, Kristine

    Violence in the city that belongs to no one: urban distinctiveness and interconnected insecurities in Nairobi (Kenya)

    Ingår i Conflict, Security and Development, s. 347-370, 2019.

    Open access
  • Kullberg, Christina

    Langues étrangères et exotisme dans les récits de voyages aux Antilles au XVIIe siècle

    Ingår i Komodo 21, 2019.

    Open access
  • Colliander, Cristian; Ahlgren, Per

    Comparison of publication-level approaches to ex-post citation normalization

    Ingår i Scientometrics, s. 283-300, 2019.

    Open access
  • Näsman, Elisabet

    When children with substance-abusing parents grow up and become parents themselves: A commentary

    Ingår i Nordic Studies on Alcohol and Drugs, s. 302-304, 2019.

    Open access
  • Näsman, Elisabet

    Professionals do not invite children to disclose family problems: A comment

    Ingår i Nordic Studies on Alcohol and Drugs, s. 305-307, 2019.

    Open access
  • Dobeson, Alexander

    Christophers, B. The New Enclosure: The Appropriation of Public Land in Neoliberal Britain Verso 2018 362 pp £20 (hardback)

    Ingår i British Journal of Sociology, s. 1095-1097, 2019.

  • Lin, Jiaxi; Scott, Whitney; Carpenter, Lewis; Norton, Sam et al.

    Acceptance and commitment therapy for chronic pain: protocol of a systematic review and individual participant data meta-analysis

    Ingår i Systematic Reviews, 2019.

    Open access
  • Raffield, Ben

    The slave markets of the Viking world: comparative perspectives on an ‘invisible archaeology’

    Ingår i Slavery & Abolition, 2019.

    Open access
  • Eliasson, Pär

    Simão Gomes S.J. and God’s Human Avatāra: religious language use in Sarveśvarācā Gnāna Upadeśa

    Ingår i Nidan : International Journal for Indian Studies, s. 104 104-123 123, 2019.

  • Schottenius Cullhed, Sigrid

    Proserpina in Pieces: Claudian on her Rape

    Ingår i Ramus - Critical Studies in Greek and Roman Literature, s. 82-94, 2019.

    Open access
  • Ottosson, Jan; Magnusson, Lars


    Ingår i Economic and Industrial Democracy, s. 660-661, 2019.

  • Ottosson, Jan; Magnusson, Lars


    Ingår i Economic and Industrial Democracy, s. 280-281, 2019.

  • Kostić, Roland

    The distinction of peace: a social analysis of peacebuilding

    Ingår i Peacebuilding, s. 123-125, 2019.

  • Dammann, Guy

    DONNERSTAG AUS LICHT Royal Festival Hall

    Ingår i TLS - The Times Literary Supplement, s. 22-22, 2019.

  • Torstendahl, Rolf

    Individuals, State, and Society: Western Europe from 1800 to the present : An Overview

    Ingår i DIALOG SO VREMENEM-DIALOGUE WITH TIME, s. 34 34-40 40, 2019.

  • Kim, Yunhwan; Stattin, Håkan

    Parent-youth discussions about politics from age 13 to 28

    Ingår i Journal of applied developmental psychology, s. 249-259, 2019.

  • Arentzen, Thomas

    Mary Retold

    Ingår i Ancient Jew Review, 2019.

    Open access
  • Mahmoudzahi, Mousa; Korn, Agnes; Jahani, Carina

    Synchronically unexpected /n/ in the Balochi dialect of Iranshahr

    Ingår i Orientalia Suecana, s. 20-30, 2019.

    Open access
  • Simons, Greg

    Digital Communication Disrupting Hegemonic Power in Global Geopolitics: New Media Shape New World Order

    Ingår i Russia in Global Affairs, s. 108 108-130 130, 2019.

    Open access
  • Söderström, Johanna

    The Gendered Impact of Crime on Political Knowledge: How Crime Impacts Cognition among Citizens in Sub-Saharan Africa

    Ingår i Democracy and Security, 2019.

    Open access
  • Courtney Mustaphi, Colin J.; Brahney, Janice; Aquino-Lopez, Marco A.; Goring, Simon et al.

    Guidelines for reporting and archiving Pb-210 sediment chronologies to improve fidelity and extend data lifecycle

    Ingår i Quaternary Geochronology, s. 77-87, 2019.

  • Dobeson, Alexander

    Book Review: The Politics of Land edited by Tim Bartley

    Ingår i LSE Review of Books, 2019.

    Open access
  • Lagerström, Katarina; Schweizer, Roger; Jakobsson, Johan

    Building R&D capability in subsidiaries - conceptualization of a process perspective

    Ingår i Multinational Business Review, s. 35-53, 2019.

  • Szkalej, Kacper

    The modern Church of Copyright. A short story of preserving access to humour in Sweden

    Ingår i NIR, 2019.

    Open access
  • Pleijel, Richard

    To Be or to Have a nephesh?: Gen 2:7 and the Irresistible Tide of Monism

    Ingår i Zeitschrift für die Alttertamentliche Wissenschaft, s. 194-206, 2019.

  • Kejonen, Olle

    [Recension av] Lars-Gunnar Larsson, Per Holmberger och sockenlapparnas språk. Uppsala 2018.

    Ingår i Svenska landsmål och svenskt folkliv, s. 227-229, 2019.

    Open access
  • Ek, Anna; Delisle Nyström, Christine; Chirita-Emandi, Adela; Tur, Josep A. et al.

    A randomized controlled trial for overweight and obesity in preschoolers: the More and Less Europe study – an intervention within the STOP project

    Ingår i BMC Public Health, 2019.

    Open access
  • Hansson, Erik

    Psychoanalysis and the glObal

    Ingår i Social & cultural geography (Print), 2019.

  • Svedjedal, Johan

    Den mest levande människan blev som en sönderläst bok: [Martin Kylhammar, Ett hemligt liv - Verner von Heidenstam och Kate Bang (Bonniers, 2019)]

    Ingår i Respons, s. 62 62-64 64, 2019.

  • Svedjedal, Johan

    Ulrika Milles, Ensamvargar: Stig Ahlgrens 1900-tal - Manlighet, kärlek och litteratur

    Ingår i Vi, s. 74 74-, 2019.

  • Dadusc, Deanna; Grazioli, Margherita; Martinez, Miguel

    Introduction: citizenship as inhabitance? Migrant housing squats versus institutional accommodation

    Ingår i Citizenship Studies, 2019.