About us

The Centre for Integrated Research on Culture and Society, CIRCUS, is a platform and physical environment for the initiation and development of problem-based, thematic research-driven collaborations across subject, faculty and disciplinary domain boundaries. 

CIRCUS supplements the discipline-based structure of the Disciplinary Domain of Humanities and Social Sciences, and will capture and support many of the interdisciplinary initiatives from temporary forums and networks initiated by researchers in the field. The aim is to develop skills at Uppsala University for problem-based research, in order to identify and promote studies of central cultural themes and contemporary social problems. 

CIRCUS provides a meeting place to bring together excellence within culture and social science research, and to support research teams with the potential to compete for medium-sized and large research funding from Sweden and European financiers. 

CIRCUS will also increase preparedness in the disciplinary domain for broad thematic requests, where researchers from several subjects are expected to collaborate.

 CIRCUS aims to: 

  • stimulate and develop problem-based and interdisciplinary research on cultural and social themes that transgress established discipline boundaries 
  • promote research collaboration within the humanities and social sciences, alongside other disciplinary domains at Uppsala University 
  • support multidisciplinary research where there is potential to compete for medium-sized and large research funding from Swedish and European financiers. 
  • encourage an intellectual environment that combines academic excellence within the humanities and social sciences, committed to increasing the visibility and significance of research to society as a whole.
  • provide highly-qualified support to research teams to organise and conduct workshops and conferences 
  • develop the collaboration with similar research centres and institutes from other universities and internationally.

CIRCUS is a five-year project financed by the Vice-Chancellor’s strategic funds and the Disciplinary Domain Board for the Humanities and Social Sciences. It will be evaluated in 2021.
CIRCUS comes beneath the Disciplinary Domain for the Humanities and Social Sciences, and is run by a board. (link to board page) An academic manager oversees organisational development and daily activities. In addition, there is an international reference group to support organisational development. 


Circus is member at Consortium of Humanities Centers and Institutes. (link)

Employees (faculty, staff and other members)

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