The Board

The Centre for Integrated Research on Culture and Society, CIRCUS, is run by a board with representatives from the disciplinary domain’s six faculties, and one student representative. 

Mikael Börjesson, Professor at Department of Education
Nils Hertting, Senior Lecturer at Institute for Housing and Urban Research
Anna Jonsson Cornell, Professor of Comparative Constitutional Law 
Anna Lindström, Professor at Department of Linguistics and Philology
Kajsa Ahlstrand, Professor at Department of Theology, Church and Mission studies; World Christianity and Interreligious Studies
Folke Tersman, Professor of Practical Philosophy

Student representative: Leyla Belle Drake

The board also includes two members from outside Uppsala University, who represent the Swedish research system: 

Lynn Åkesson, Professor at Division of Ethnology Lund University

Last modified: 2021-02-03