Events at Circus

Circus is a program for finding new pathways for developing cross-cutting research collaborations, to stimulate innovative research by facilitating new patterns of collaboration.

We arrange events that are all distinctly multi-, inter-, or trans-disciplinary with a focus on developing collaborations within the Disciplinary Domain of Humanities and Social Sciences at Uppsala University. We also provide support to research teams to organise and conduct workshops and conferences. 

Våren 2020

”The emotional circus” - A Seminar Series

Our popular seminar Series continues. 

What shape do emotions take in different contexts and what influences what we can feel?  Emotions are fascinating and elusive phenomena. Emotions have also emerged as a topic for research in a number of areas within the humanities and social sciences. The aim with the seminar series is to gather researchers within Uppsala University interested in studying emotions. We simply want to learn to know one another and to generate a collective overview of how emotions is researched in different areas. We want furthermore to explore the possibility to develop further collaborations on the topic.

NEW DATES: 9-11 September Symposium - Environmental Illness Today

The symposium is an initiative of the Ecological Narratives research group at Uppsala University. Generous support comes from the Centre for Integrated Research on Culture and Society (CIRCUS), Occupational and Environmental Medicine, and the Department of English. This interdisciplinary symposium draws on a variety of methodologies to explore various facets of environmental illness.

More information in the event calender.

Hösten 2019

Connecting Researchers of Entrepreneurship across Disciplines

At the 29 of November it is an One-Day Workshop where researchers will present their past and current research work on entrepreneurship, the models and methodology they are using, and discuss obstacles in their ongoing research. The output will be a summary and brainstorming of where researchers from the different disciplines have common interests and where they could potentially interlink.

Symposium: Why Interdisciplinarity? - Promises, Problems, Practices

The 24 of September, Circus arranged a symposium about Interdisciplinarity. 



  • Claes-Fredrik Helgesson, Professor and Research Director at Circus (Video 1, 0-16)
  • Erin Leahey, Professor and Director, School of Sociology, University of Arizona (Video 1, 16-43)
  • Sven Widmalm, Professor, Department of History of Science and Ideas, Uppsala University (Video 1, 43-1,05)
  • Uskali Mäki,  Professor of Practical Philosophy and Director of Centre for Philosophy of Social Science, University of Helsinki (Video 1, 1,05-1,31)
  • Mikael Börjesson, Professor, Department of Education, Uppsala University (Video 2, 0-18)
  • Johan Wejryd, Researcher at Department of Government, Uppsala University (Video 2, 18-44)
  • Veronica Strang, Professor in Cultural Anthropology and Executive Director at Institute of Advanced Study, Durham University (Video 2, 44-1,09)
  • Michael Dunn, Professor of General Linguistics, Department of Linguistics and Philology, Uppsala University (Video 3, 0-30)
  • Celia Lury, Professor, Centre for Interdisciplinary Methodologies, University of Warwick (Video 3, 30-1,01)