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Circus is a program for finding new pathways for developing cross-cutting research collaborations, to stimulate innovative research by facilitating new patterns of collaboration.

We arrange events that are all distinctly multi-, inter-, or trans-disciplinary with a focus on developing collaborations within the Disciplinary Domain of Humanities and Social Sciences at Uppsala University. We also provide support to research teams to organise and conduct workshops and conferences. 

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Autumn 2023

Symposium 2023 - Undisciplined Explorations

CIRCUS fifth interdisciplinary symposium! 
Undisciplined Explorations: Celebrating Cross-Disciplinary Knowledge-Making about Culture and Society at Uppsala University

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Spring 2023

Circus Interdisciplinary Summer School 2023

Possibilities, challenges & opportunities when engaging in cross-cutting research collaborations
In August CIRCUS offer an enriching three-day school where participants will have the opportunity to further develop their skills in cross-disciplinary collaborations.

Wednesday 16 August (start 08:30) to Friday 18 August (end 15:15).

Circus i Almedalen: Hur kan forskning i samverkan med kultur och kreativa branscher bidra till en hållbar framtid?

I år håller vi ett panelsamtal på temat samverkan mellan forskning och kreativa branscher.

Plats: Sal B51, Campus Gotland
Tid: 29 juni, 16.00-17.00
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Fri entré – alla är välkomna

Circus' Traditional ”Interdisciplinary Garden Party” 2023

We all have some unfinished and half-baked ideas

- Do you want to share yours and engage with those of others?

Date: May 30, 15.00-16:30

Venue: the garden outside the Old Observatory, Kyrkogårdsgatan 8A

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Autumn 2022

Circus' Interdisciplinary Summer School

In August offered we at CIRCUS an enriching three-day school where participants will have the opportunity to further develop their skills in cross-disciplinary collaborations.

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Spring 2022

Democracy under duress: how to defend and revitalize it?

What is the main threat to democracy today, and how can it be defended and revitalised anew? Welcome to a public event at the Humanities Theatre where we will address these issues with the help of three distinguished scholars in the field. 

  • Date: 18 May, 14:30–16:30
  • Location: Humanistiska teatern
  • Organiser: Sofia Näsström/Marianne & Marcus Wallenbergprojektet "Demokratiskt självförsvar", CIRCUS and Programmet Demokrati and Högre Utbildning.

More information and registration

Researcher and speakers
  • Sheri Berman
  • Jan-Werner Müller
  • Nadia Urbinati

The event will be chaired by Jenny Andersson
Introductory comments: Sofia Näsström.

Circus’ annual “Interdisciplinary Garden Party” - Thursday 2 June

Circus’ annual “Interdisciplinary Garden Party” is a place to mingle and take part in activities. The garden party is for researchers and others at Uppsala university who are involved in, or curious about, cross-cutting research collaborations.

  • Date: 2 June, 15:30–17:00
  • Location: The Observatory Park Kyrkogårdsgatan 8A

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Platser för bildning


Tid: fredagen den 20 maj kl. 13.15-16.00 (inklusive fikapaus)
Plats: Geijersalen, Engelska parken hus 6, vån. 1
Detta seminarium utforskar samband mellan bildning och hälsa.

Inbjudna gäster:

  • Jan Larsson, läkare och docent i anestesiologi
  • Merete Mazzarella, professor emerita i nordisk litteratur vid Helsingfors universitet
  • Torsten Pettersson, professor i litteraturvetenskap vid Uppsala universitet och skönlitterär författare
  • Anders Rosengren, läkare och professor i molekylär medicin, Göteborgs universitet
  • Birgitta Wistrand, författare, forskare och feminist

Seminarieserien arrangeras med stöd från Uppsala Forum för Demokrati, Fred och Rättvisa & CIRCUS.

Varmt välkomna!
Alexandra Borg & Julie Hansen

Groundwater Research - Making the Invisible Visible - World Water Day 2022 Symposium

Jenny Grönwall, PhD, Advisor at Stockholm International Water Institute (SIWI) 
Our common groundwater: from household arrangements to peace-building agreements” (in English)

Lars Rosén, PhD, Professor in Engineering Geology at Chalmers University of Technology
Grundvatten – från doldis till huvudroll i samhället” (in Swedish)
Time: March 22, 15.00-17.00
Place: Universitetshuset, sal IV


Autumn 2021

Debating Research Together

Explorations in the excellence and shoddiness in how we in academia engage in cross-cutting scholarly debates

Circus' annual Symposium - 6-7 December

Venue: Humanities Theatre, Uppsala University

The aim of Circus’ third annual symposium is to explore the qualities of debate, discussion and exchange in research and in public debates.

Day 1: Debating Research Together

Day 2: Should we just accept this dismal state of public debate? Or can academia constructively contribute to improve on the present societal condition?

More information

Day 1 Confirmed speakers
  • Karen Tracy, University of Colorado, Boulder
  • Lambros Roumbanis, Stockholm University
  • Marie Cronqvist, Lund University
  • Ulrike Schnaas, Uppsala University
  • Alex Csiszar, Harvard University
  • Claes-Fredrik Helgesson, Uppsala University

Interdisciplinary possibilities, practices and challenges – an exploratory seminar series

The aim of the seminar series is to expand our collaborative understanding of different aspects of performing interdisciplinary research. The series is meant to be a collectively maintained venue for discussing the practices, challenges, and opportunities with cross-disciplinary research endeavours.

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Spring 2021

Upcoming calls from the Swedish Research Council - what can we expect from the Government’s research bill?

The new research bill contains several new strategic initiatives relevant for the Humanities and Social Sciences. The new initiatives have headings such as “Democracy and strong society”, “National research programme in the consequences of digitalisation”, “Cyber and information security”, and “Educational boost – reinforcement of humanities”. 

Circus' Traditional ”Interdisciplinary Garden Party” - 3 June 2021

At our Garden Party, you get the opportunity to mingle between different areas in the garden. Choose one or visit them all!

  • Scholarly personae at work - in media, culture and the office next door 
  • This part of the garden turns any self-centredness into a curiosity about academic identities. Come as you are or whoever you want to be!
  • Meet our Circus' Networks There are currently some 150 researchers involved in our 16 networks at Circus. Take the opportunity to meet some of them in person. 
  • Magic show - Johan (winner of Talang) is back again with a new fantastic show, learn a trick to impress your friends. You don’t want to miss this.  
  • Circus' Antiques Zoom Show - share your desktop favourite item or object from your research. Things close to you but never mentioned in your acknowledgements.
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