Circus' annual Symposium: Doing research together: The good, the challenging and the ugly aspects of collaborative research

Announcing Circus’ 2nd annual symposium

Full Program (PDF)

Collaboration is an essential aspect of research. As researchers, we read and discuss each other’s work, we conduct studies and write together, and research is organised in departments, universities and scholarly associations. Although collaborative patterns are likely to differ across disciplinary and inter-disciplinary endeavours, research is always a collective affair.

The aim of Circus’ second annual symposium is to explore the collaborative aspects of research.
- How do patterns of collaboration vary across research settings? What are the upsides to collaborating?
- What are collaborative challenges, and can they be mitigated?
- What happens when collaborations take an unexpected (or even bad) turn?

Among confirmed contributions:
Michèle Lamont, Professor sociology Harvard University and  Dr h.c. at Uppsala University: “Shared Cognitive– Emotional–Interactional Platforms: Markers and Conditions for Successful Interdisciplinary Collaborations”

Mario Biagioli, Professor, School of Law and Department of Communication, UCLA: “Metrics and the emergence of collaborative fraud” (Recent text in Los Angeles Review on Books about metrics and academic misconduct)

Dr Vicky McGuinness, Head of Cultural Programming and Partnerships, Humanities Division, University of Oxford: “Remotely together - online public engagement with research.” A sharing of insights from the experience of the research engagement work in the Humanities at the University of Oxford during the lockdown and ongoing. 

Program (PDF)

The symposium will be fully online with opportinuties for interaction during sessions as well as mingle during breaks. Most presentations will be pre-recorded

Registration (only zoom and free) by 27 October:

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