Creating Order from Chaos: The Practice of Synthesizing Disparate Research Agendas into Coherence

  • Date: –12:00
  • Location: Observatorieparken CIRCUS, Old Observatory, Kyrkogårdsgatan 8A
  • Organiser: CIRCUS and Department of Game Design
  • Contact person: Ingrid Berg
  • Workshop

Welcome to a workshop in our series Interdisciplinary Possibilities, Practices and Challenges - Practices and Skills path.

Theory suggests that quality interdisciplinary research should find synergies between various forms of in-depth knowledge, weaving them into one cohesive whole. That concept sounds fantastic on paper… but, how do research teams with members from vastly different disciplinary backgrounds achieve this goal in practice? How can we manage the various perspectives, personalities, fears, needs, and research agendas of partners in a collaboration? Furthermore, how do we distill wildly distinct disciplinary approaches into a harmonious whole when writing to funders and the larger research community?

This workshop will integrate cutting edge interdisciplinary theory with embodied practice, using role-playing as a method to navigate these challenges. In The Pitch Session, participants will play members of a small interdisciplinary research team working together to craft an abstract for initial review by funders. Each member has unique skills and disciplinary perspectives to offer the project, but can the group construct a coherent narrative that funders will find intriguing enough to pass to the next stage? 

In this workshop, you will practice how to:

- Synthesize different styles of academic writing into one coherent voice.

- Leverage the argumentation skills of a group of researchers from diverse disciplinary backgrounds in a proposal.

- Distill an extensive research agenda into 1-3 concise sentences for each member of the team in a short abstract.

- Manage different personalities and goals when working in interdisciplinary research teams.

This workshop is part of a larger project collaboration between CIRCUS and Uppsala’s Department of Game Design on embodiment and role-playing as methods to practice research collaboration skills. 

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Participation is capped at 20, so reserve your spot as soon as possible. Please do not register for the workshop unless you actually plan to attend it. We create the workshop around a certain number of participants.