The symbiotic relationship between statistical and empirical research

  • Date: –15:00
  • Location: Observatorieparken Old Observatory, Kyrkogårdsgatan 8A
  • Organiser: Centre for Integrated Research on Culture and Society (CIRCUS)
  • Contact person: Ingrid Berg
  • Seminarium

Are you using statistical methods in your research? Are you curious about the role of statistics in cross-cutting research collaborations? Welcome to this Circus' seminar, the seminar is part of the Interdisciplinary possibilities, practices and challenges

This presentation explains why statistical theoretical and empirical research are necessary for each other and we give an historical overview of how cross-fertilization has occurred historically. This is followed up by recent examples where technological advances has allowed for the use of statistical methods in areas that traditionally have been non-quantitative, which in turn has led to an expansion of research questions to be answered.

The seminar is led by Ronnie Pingel, Department of Statistics.