Undisciplined Explorations: Celebrating Cross-Disciplinary Knowledge-Making about Culture and Society at Uppsala University

  • Date: –17:00
  • Location: Humanistiska teatern
  • Organiser: Centre for Integrated Research on Culture and Society (CIRCUS)
  • Contact person: Ingrid Berg
  • Konferens

Save the date of November 8 for CIRCUS fifth interdisciplinary symposium!

Uppsala University is increasingly becoming a hot-bed for cross-cutting research explorations on pressing issues for making sense of our culture and our society. This fifth CIRCUS interdisciplinary symposium provides a bouquet of compelling examples of results from such initiatives and how they have worked to produce them.

For the past 5 years, CIRCUS has provided support for researchers engaging in cross-disciplinary collaborations. The aim of the symposium is to appreciate and celebrate these undisciplined researcher-initiated endeavors and to inspire future initiatives.

The symposium will provide a broad exposé of research initiatives on culture and society. The symposium highlights:

- Examples of compelling insights.
- The witnessing of unexpected epiphanies.
- Stories of how evocative questions have suggested further pathways worth exploring.

More information and registration will be available next semester.