Exploring Rules and Principles in Citizenship

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In this research programme, the researchers are asking whether citizenship is necessary in order to be part of a democracy. While civil rights are usually linked to citizenship in a country today, this problem is emerging due to ever-increasing globalisation and rising mobility. 

Research leader: 
Patricia Mindus, Senior lecturer at Department of Philosophy, Practical Philosophy

The research programme “Exploring Rules and Principles in Citizenship” is one of two research programmes to be awarded research funding for spring 2017 in a call for multidisciplinary research environments. 
Integration with subject departments
The research team aims to write joint research papers and publish them in specialised journals.
“We don’t want our own higher seminar series, but instead want multidisciplinarity in both writing and publishing. This means that we present our research in the usual subject seminars in our departments and publish in specialised journals,” says Anna-Sara Lind. 
“But this requires communicating your research in another way in order to make it understandable to researchers in other subjects,” says Jonas Hultin Rosenberg.
What opportunities has this research funding meant for you?

“We can all gain from leaving our daily routines for a while, but different incentives are needed to get out of your usual environment. I used to have a better overview of researchers in my own field across the globe than I did of researchers in other departments at Uppsala University,” says Jonas Hultin Rosenberg.
“It serves well as funding to start and build networks. It’s not a lot of money when many researchers are sharing the total funding, but it is extremely valuable as a springboard for other funding,” says Anna-Sara Lind.
The research team is now working on several research applications in order to broaden and deepen the research programme.


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