From close reading to remote reading: digital humanities and new forms of text analysis

Foto of a book page
Med datorstödd textanalys undersöker forskare bland annat Selma Lagerlöfs
texter för att hitta semantiska, språkliga och tematiska mönster.
Bilden visar "Ett äfventyr i Vineta" av Selma Lagerlöf.

The research programme “From Close Reading to Remote Reading” lays the foundation for infrastructure for computer-aided text analysis of Swedish texts. Computer-aided text analysis is a relatively new field of research that gives researchers great opportunities to analyse large volumes of text in order to find semantic, linguistic and thematic patterns.

Research leader: 
Johan Svedjedal, Professor at Department of Literature
The “From Close Reading to Remote Reading” research programme is one of two research programmes to be awarded research funding in spring 2017 in a call for multidisciplinary research environments. 
How has the research funding helped you?

“No matter how much we want to help each other between subjects, we are often too busy and can’t find the time. But the call was an incentive for us to sit down together and think about what we can do in Uppsala.”  
With the help of the research funding, the researchers now have time to work together to investigate common issues, develop pilot tools, build networks and prepare larger research applications. 
“It’s important to have the opportunity to build a contact network in order to advance the research, but building networks is rather abstract and external funding is not so easy to apply for.”


Read more about the research programme (only available in Swedish)

Last modified: 2021-12-16