Higher Education as Research Subject

There is remarkably little research conducted on higher education in Sweden, but a large portion of this research on higher education is conducted at Uppsala University. Through a network for research on higher education, researchers are now gathering forces to develop the research environment.

Research leader: 

Mikael Börjesson, Professor at Department of Education
The Higher Education as Research Subject research network is one of three networks to be awarded research funding in spring 2017 in a call for multidisciplinary research environments. 
What significance does the research funding have for you? 

“The research network offers a huge chance for us to bring together research on higher education from all the different disciplines,” says Mikael Börjesson, Professor of Sociology of Education and head of research for the network. 
The network has implemented a number of activities, including the creation of a larger research environment for doctoral students, who can often be rather alone in their disciplines.
“Through the network, we can bring together doctoral students from different research subjects who are studying higher education in various ways. Among other things, we have held workshops in which doctoral students presented their research and received feedback from senior researchers. This was a popular initiative among both doctoral students and the senior researchers.” 
Through the network, the researchers have also had the opportunity to deepen their collaboration with international researchers.
“We’ve invited internationally renowned researchers in the field to lectures and workshops in which we showcase what we are doing. This has in turn led to an invitation from Standford to present our research.”
On 23 May, the research network is arranging a national conference, “World-Class Higher Education – Disciplines, Professions, Institutions”, aimed at providing an overview of the current state of research on higher education in Sweden. 
The researchers work on joint research applications, explore the possibilities of starting third-cycle courses for doctoral students conducting research on higher education, and discuss how they can create a long-term, permanent solution.
“The question is how we can best continue what we have already started to build? One possibility we’re exploring is starting third-cycle courses for doctoral students conducting research on higher education.” 


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