Human Diversity Research Network

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There is great human diversity in language, culture and biology, and an understanding of this diversity is central to a great deal of research. Human diversity is being examined from an interdisciplinary perspective in the Human Diversity Research Network at Uppsala University. The network is also initiating discussions on the ethical and social dimensions of the research.

Research leaders: 

Michael Dunn, Professor at Department of Linguistics and Philology

Gabriele Griffin, Professor at Centre for Gender Research

Mattias Jakobsson, Professor at Department of Organismal Biology, Human Evolution

Paul Lane, Professor at Department of Archaeology and Ancient History

Neil Price, Professor at Department of Archaeology and Ancient History, Archaeology

The Human Diversity Research Network is one of three networks to be awarded research funding in spring 2017 in a call for multidisciplinary research environments. 
What significance does the research funding have for you? 

“The funding is key to starting the network and conducting the seminars, meetings and conferences that we are planning,” says Michael Dunn, Professor of Linguistics and one of the heads of research for the Human Diversity Research Network.
The researchers are planning four thematic research meetings and two larger conferences. Between these events, they will meet in smaller research teams to discuss common issues. 
“The aim is to develop research models that can serve as proof of concept and form the foundation for projects that can receive external research funding.” 
The network is also planning eight lectures, which will be open to the general public, to discuss various social and ethical dimensions of the research. 


Last modified: 2021-12-16