EIT Culture & Creativity

E-mail list for research, education and collaboration on culture, cultural heritage and creative industries

What is EIT Culture & Creativity?

Uppsala University is Lead Partner in a consortium of around 50 participating organizations, such as universities, social organizations and businesses. Through our work, we will be a partner in a non-profit foundation named EIT Culture & Creativity. During the coming three semesters, this foundation will be set up to be ready for a full launch January 1, 2024. From this date on, EIT Culture & Creativity will offer a full-fledged support system for activities in the area of culture and creativity.

The focus will mainly be on collaboration and knowledge exchange between actors in the academy and the cultural sector, in order to boost new initiatives for education, innovation and business creation.

This mailing list is an important channel for sharing information on relevant research within the field of culture, heritage and creativity and the work with the EIT Culture & Creativity in general. All subscribers can distribute information using this address: culture-and-creative-collaboration@lists.uu.se.

You can subscribe to the e-mail list by clicking this link:

  1. Choose ”Gemensam_webinloggning” on your right.
  2. Choose ”subscribe” on your left.

For questions about EIT Culture & Creativity, contact Anna Wallsten at UU Sammverkan:anna.wallsten@uu.se

For questions about the e-mail list and how to subscribe, contact Mella Köjs at CIRCUS:mella.kojs@circus.uu.se

Last modified: 2022-10-20