Call for applications to support research networks

The Centre for Integrated Research on Culture and Society, Circus, will award two years of support to a maximum of six research networks. 

The main purpose of the support is to facilitate the development of innovative, high-quality research by creating new patterns of collaboration patterns within Uppsala University. The support is intended to create opportunities for establishing and developing cross-cutting research networks within the university. For example, the support can be used to advance ideas for one or a few specific research projects or to organise meetings to develop new collaborations. The support is primarily aimed to facilitate such collaborations within the Disciplinary Domain of Humanities and Social Sciences at Uppsala University. Collaborations can also include researches active from the other two disciplinary domains at Uppsala University. The full set of research networks supported by Circus should together reflect the width of research done within the Disciplinary Domain of Humanities and Social Sciences. The goal is to stimulate the creation of new research projects that successfully can compete for external funding.

A research network must have a clear multi-, inter-, or trans-disciplinary profile, which means that the network already at the time of application involves researchers working in different disciplines and preferably from two or more different faculties within the Disciplinary Domain of Humanities and Social Sciences at Uppsala University. The main applicant must be an active researcher within the Disciplinary Domain of Humanities and Social Sciences at Uppsala University and most of the participating researchers should likewise be active within this disciplinary domain. We may also consider research networks that, in addition to this, also involve researchers working in one of the other disciplinary domains at Uppsala University.  Research networks that have already received support from Circus or the preceding working group (AFFAF) and have progressed positively can be granted support for a second two-year period.

Assessment criteria

Three criteria will guide the assessment of applications:

  • The scientific quality of the application and the potential for cross-cutting collaboration to stimulate high-quality research.
  • The composition of the research network so that it can be expected to work in a cross-disciplinary manner. Networks that in a relevant way engage researchers from a variety of disciplines within the Disciplinary Domain of Humanities and Social Sciences at Uppsala University shall be encouraged, as well as those who have an even gender distribution and include researchers with varying seniority.
  • The organisation and structure of activities of the research network. Networks that have a collaboration-oriented distribution of roles among participating researchers and a plan of activities and structures that support a deepening of the collaboration shall be rewarded.

Circus aim to make the collective set of research networks supported to reflect the width of research present within the Disciplinary Domain of Humanities and Social Sciences at Uppsala University, as well as that the set of research networks represents a variety of multi-, inter-, and trans-disciplinary collaborations.


The main applicant and the network leader must have a doctorate and be employed at Uppsala University. The application can be written in Swedish or English and must include:

  • The name of the network and participating researchers
  • A description of the scientific importance and potential of the network.
  • A research overview and the purpose of the network with a focus on what the collaboration within the network can achieve.
  • Planned activities and how these can contribute to creating good conditions for fruitful scientific exchanges among the researchers active in different disciplines.
  • How the planned activities relate to existing activities and research resources, and how they, in turn, can contribute to the development of the network.
  • Abstracts for a non-specialised audience in Swedish and English of max 200 words each. These abstracts will be published on the website in the event support is granted.
  • Budget (including OH)
  • A signature of the head of department of host department.

The application should have a range of 4-6 pages (12 pt, Times New Roman). The application should in addition include short CVs for participants (max. 2 pages per person). All parts of the application should be combined into a single PDF.

The deadline for application is 30 September 2022. Submission is done via a special form found here:  Link to Submission

Form and conditions of the support

Granted support is both financial and administrative support from Circus. The financial support is up to SEK 170,000 per year for two years (including overhead to the receiving department). The network can, for instance, use this support to cover costs for salaries, seminars and workshops as well as inviting guest lecturers. Funds may not be used for scholarships, teaching or courses at graduate level. The administrative support from Circus is focused on the development of the network and is provided in addition to what is provided at department and faculty levels. It relates to such things as help with organising seminar series, workshops and conferences as well as support with communication activities. (The administrative part of the support might be stopped for 2024 in case the prerequisites of Circus’ operations are radically altered following the conclusion of the current mission ending in 2023.)

Conditions for the support:

  • The research network must clearly state that the activities are carried out with support from Circus. For open events, Uppsala University's event calendar must be used and Circus should be listed as co-organiser.
  • The research network should be open to welcome additional researchers from Uppsala University to join the collaboration. Seminar programs and other activities should therefore be clearly advertised through relevant channels.
  • The research network shall provide descriptions of the network and its activities to Circus to ensure that descriptions of the research network are up to date on websites and the like.
  • Representatives from the research network should be willing to participate in activities aimed sharing experiences and facilitate learning across different supported research networks.
  • The research network shall in contacts with Circus inform about how the network develops and significant outputs such as publications, research applications, and the like.
  • The research network shall inform Circus of significant changes in the focus and composition of the research network.
  • A brief scientific and financial final report must be submitted to Circus no later than three months after the end of the grant.

Preparation and decision

Applications will be assessed by between two and three external reviewers. They will independently each identify a top tier of up to six applications they consider should be considered being awarded support. In a second stage, the research director of Circus has a meeting with the reviewers where all applications are discussed and assessed. The research director will then prepare and present a proposal to the Circus board. This proposal will be based on the assessment of the reviewers with a focus on obtaining an overall broad composition of research networks. Decisions on support are made by the Circus Board.

Further information is provided by Claes-Fredrik Helgesson, research director at Circus, tel. 018-471 38 87, e-mail: and Ingrid Berg, project coordinator at Circus, tel. 018-471 27 38, e-mail:


  • 2022-09-05: Information meeting about the call, 13:15-15:00 on Zoom.
  • 2022-09-30: Last day for application
  • November 2022: Circus board decides on which applications to award support 
  • 2023-01-01: Start of the awarded research networks

Last modified: 2022-09-06