Circus' Traditional ”Interdisciplinary Garden Party”

Claes-Fredrik Helgesson, Director at Circus, welcome you to the Garden Party.

The Research Network
The Marquee
The Arbour
The Cocktail Table

In case of technology problems send an email to or servicedesk at 018-471 4400 or

For more interactive mingle, guests are encouraged to use the video feature.

The Research Network Lounge is for small group discussions among participants in our research networks and for those curious about how the networks operate. What are the challenges and possibilities of working in an interdisciplinary setting? How can one create a good research network? How has the events this Spring changed the game for such collaborations? What is helpful to think about if I consider to make an application for a new research network?
Preferred settings: Unmuted microphones and Gallery view.
Note: The lounge might evolve into several “break-out lounges” if the mingle becomes too big!

The Research Network Lounge #CircusGardenParty

The Marquee is the place of magic and games! Can you play games and perform magic at a distance? Our magician Johan takes you on an adventure using the deck of cards in your kit. Keep a pen and the cards in the kit nearby. Between the magic acts, you can challenge each other in a culture-historical game of Trivial Pursuit. 
Preferred settings during Magic Performance: Muted microphones and Active Speaker view.
Preferred setting during the TP- Quiz: Unmuted microphones and Gallery view.
The Marquee  #CircusGardenParty

The Arbour is an area for reflecting on what it is like to be a researcher and a human being during the Spring of 2020. What have we seen when looking into the mirror provided by the pandemic? What can we learn from research on the socio-cultural aspects of pandemics?  In your kit, you find a conversation card as an inspiration for topics.
Preferred settings: Unmuted microphones and Gallery view. 
Note: The Arbour might evolve into several “break-out arbours” if the mingle becomes too big!
The Arbour #CircusGardenParty

Before and during the garden party you can contribute to a word cloud to reflect our collective experience of living during the COVID-19 pandemic.

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The Cocktail Table Corner: Did you meet someone in the arbour or the lounge with whom you wish to continue the conversation? Are you looking for the cocktail table in the corner where new and possibly important ideas see the light as napkin sketches? Here is the table – you find pen and napkin in the kit and can also use the whiteboard function in zoom.
Preferred settings: Unmuted microphones and Gallery view. 
Note: We will provide as many “break-out cocktail tables” as needed. 

The Cocktail Table Corner #CircusGardenPart

Challenging times require us to be creative and find new ways of getting together. That is why we opted to host our traditional Garden Party on Zoom.
What do you think of the idea of the Garden Party? Join us in creating a word cloud of your thoughts on the party.

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