FAQ CIRCUS support for research networks


How many people should I include in my network?

This depends on the aim of your network – we do not have a standard number of participants in our CIRCUS networks. Some networks start out with 2-3 applicants from two different departments and gradually bring in more people through seminars and workshops. Other networks are large and span all faculties at the Domain of Humanities and Social Sciences already in the application stage. Think about what you aims are and the type of activities that you are planning when assembling your network team. There are benefits and pitfalls with both small and large networks. A tip is to check out Catherine Lyall et al. Interdisciplinary Research Journeys. Practical Strategies for Capturing Creativity (Bloomsbury, 2011).

Can I include researchers from other domains (MedFarm and TekNat) in my network?

Yes, we welcome researchers from all research domains. But the main applicant has to be affiliated with a department within the Domain of Humanities and Social Sciences at Uppsala University and the research focus should be on questions and themes pertaining to Humanities and/or Social Sciences. 

Can I include researchers from other universities in my network?

Yes, but they cannot be salaried through the grant from Circus. NB: The main applicant has to be affiliated with a department within the Domain of Humanities and Social Sciences at Uppsala University.

My network has a lot of co-applicants. Do I need to submit a CV for everyone?

You need to submit a CV for all main- and co-applicants. If you have a very large network, we suggest that you choose a core group of up to 5 co-applicants and submit their CV:s. The remaining researchers can be listed as affiliates in your application.

Can I include PhD students in the network?

Yes, researchers at all stages of their careers can be participants in the network. NB: the main applicant has to be employed at a department within the Domain of Humanities and Social Sciences at Uppsala University.

What type of activities do CIRCUS networks typically engage in?

This depends on the theme and the size of the network. Some networks organise reading groups and seminars. Others have thematic workshops each semester. Some networks organise large international conferences or symposia. Others invite international researchers to present and comment on the network’s research idea in a more intimate setting. Some networks put a lot of emphasis on collaborations with actors outside of the university. Circus is flexible and open to a wide variety of activities as well as research outputs.  

Does the 170 000 SEK/year include over-head costs?

Yes, it does. When you make your budget, contact the host department to inquire about the current OH-percentage.

What kind of support can my network expect from CIRCUS?

If you are granted support from CIRCUS, you will work closely with CIRCUS staff who will be in conversation with you about the specific needs of your network. We offer support ranging from practical arrangements for events and activities to addressing cross-disciplinary challenges and scientific input. We offer a seminar series on interdisciplinary possibilities, practices and challenges that you and members of your network are encouraged to attend. You are also welcome to have meetings and workshops at the Old Observatory.

Can my head of department sign the application electronically?

Yes, electronic signatures are fine. Make sure that the application is signed before submitting. We cannot guarantee that applications that submit a signature after the deadline will be assessed.

I have a problem uploading my application. Who do I contact?

Contact our administrator Mella Köjs, mella.kojs@circus.uu.se

I have further questions. Who do I contact?

For questions relating to the support and the application process, contact our project coordinator Ingrid Berg, ingrid.berg@circus.uu.se

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